Events/Field Marketing

What it Means

Field marketing involves direct engagement with customers or potential customers at events, tradeshows, or any physical location. It aims to create meaningful connections between a brand and its target audience, driving conversion and increasing brand visibility.

Field marketing activities may include product demonstrations, sampling, trade show participation, pop-up shops, and organized promotional events. The primary objective is to facilitate direct interactions with customers and influence them at various touchpoints along the buyer's journey.

Why it Matters

For some businesses, field marketing may not matter. Events are expensive both in terms of cost as well as the time spent planning, traveling to, and executing the event. But if this is something you have decided to work into your marketing strategy….

Here are a few reasons why field marketing can be impactful:

Practical Example

Consider the hypothetical scenario of a company launching a new gut-health drink. They plan a field marketing strategy to introduce their product to the market:

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