Employee Relations & Engagement

What it Means

Employee Relations and Engagement are intertwined aspects of Human Resources focused on building and maintaining a positive, fulfilling work environment that encourages employee involvement, commitment, and productivity. Employee relations involves fostering harmonious relationships between employees and management, while engagement revolves around initiatives that make employees feel valued and invested in the company's success.

Why it Matters

Practical Examples

Consider a medium-sized software company. To promote engagement, it may introduce an employee recognition program where peers and managers can nominate employees for their outstanding contributions. Recognition may range from "free" accolades (i.e. that coveted "employee of the month" parking spot) to $25 gift cards to meaningful compensation awards.

To foster good relations, the company might institute an open-door policy for all managers, encouraging employees to share ideas, issues, or feedback without fear of reprisal. They even consider a "suggestion box" for employees to bring up issues or opportunities for regular review at the monthly all-hands meeting.

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